Teen Dental

The teenage years are often a time when young people become more conscious of their appearance and health. While crooked teeth or a crowded mouth may not have bothered them before, all of a sudden they can start to feel self-conscious and, as a result, become less confident.
Braces and retainers are common treatments for teenagers whose teeth are crooked or whose bite is misaligned. With lots of different options available our expert dentists will review your teenager’s mouth and recommend the best solution for an optimal outcome, their lifestyle and your budget.

By the age of 13 most teenagers have all of their adult teeth present. The last teeth to erupt are the wisdom teeth or third molars which typically appear around the ages of 17-21. Our dentists can examine your teenager’s mouth to ensure that there is enough room in their jaw for their wisdom teeth to fully emerge from the gum tissue. If there is insufficient room the teeth might become impacted – stuck in the gum. Impacted teeth can damage the teeth next to them while partially erupted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean which can lead to gum disease. If the dentist detects a risk they might recommend treatment to ensure they don’t become impacted

Teenagers also usually become far more interested in their personal hygiene so their regular, six monthly check-up is an excellent time to remind them of the good oral hygiene habits that will ensure their teeth stay healthy for the rest of their lives.