Preventive Dentistry

Seeing us for a regular, six monthly check-up will help to ensure that your smile is beautiful and healthy. Quick and painless, a routine check-up involves one of our friendly dentists checking your oral health, cleaning and scaling your teeth and giving you some tips on how to maintain your good dental health..


Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Are your teeth discoloured, uneven or chipped? Perhaps you show a lot of gum when you smile, or have a gap between your front teeth. No matter what is concerning you, at Maven Dental Allenby we offer a wide range of solutions.

Children’s Dentistry

At Maven Dental Allenby Gardens we love children and go out of our way to make them feel comfortable and welcomed in our practice. We make them feel special with groovy sunglasses to protect their eyes, rides up and down in the chair and of course, the very gentlest of treatments.

Teen Dental

The teenage years are often a time when young people become more conscious of their appearance and health. While crooked teeth or a crowded mouth may not have bothered them before, all of a sudden they can start to feel self-conscious and, as a result, become less confident.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are a cap placed over a single tooth to restore its shape, size, strength and to improve its appearance. They are permanently secured into place and fully cover the visible portion of the tooth that lies at and above the gum line.


Dentures can replace your missing teeth and give you back your smile. They may be required if you have lost your natural teeth from gum disease, tooth decay or injury and can be created as full sets, single arches (top or bottom), or as a partial denture that replaces only some teeth in an arch.