ALERT! ALERT! Superheros in the building!

The team at Allenby Garden Dental celebrated school holidays in true superhero style… dressed to impress featuring Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

No matter if they wear masks, capes, scrubs, or uniforms, everyone has someone they think of as a superhero. Our real-life superheroes may not have superpowers or wear capes. However, just like fictional superheroes, children also look up to them as role models. They serve and protect their communities. These real-life superheroes also dedicate their lives to helping others, saving lives, or being a mentor. Police officers, firefighters, and teachers are just a few of the heroes who protect us on a daily basis. Most importantly, all superheroes also need to maintain good oral hygiene and come to the dentist regularly.

Did you know the first superhero ever was created in 1936? Created by Lee Falk, The first superhero was named Phantom, and debuted in his own newspaper comic strip on 17th February 1936. The phantom also known as “the ghost who walks” recounted the adventures of kit walker, who wore a mask and purple outfit. The phantoms look of no visible pupils because of a common feature of many other superheros, including Batman and Green lantern.