What should we pick for children’s diet?

My child brushes twice daily, eats healthily and drinks plenty of water. Why does my child still get decayed? What else could we do?

We all know that regular exposure to confectionaries and high sugary drinks can cause decay on children’s teeth. Brushing twice daily with sufficient fluoridated toothpaste is equally important to maintain decayed free teeth.  Recent research indicated some refined starches, e.g. white bread, pasta, fruit juice, breakfast cereals can also put your children in a higher risk of getting dental decay.

Some tips that we would like put your children in less risks of having decay includes:

  1. Parental help with tooth brushing – children always do not brush long enough. We recommend brushing for 2 minutes every time. They might also miss some areas also, for instance along the gum line.
  2. Drink more water. Water is not acidic nor alkaline which helps with neutralising the acids sitting on children’s teeth.
  3. Snacking options:  carrots, vegetables, cheese or wholemeal bread are better alternatives than sugary confectionery.
  4. Brushing twice a day – morning and night
  5. Frequency is more important than quantity. Snacking 5 times a day and each time with small quantities is worse than having a big snacking session once a day. It is because your tooth is constantly being attacked by the acid in food. Putting your kid in a high risk of having decay.